• Heart Failure Group Appointments: Rehospitalizations Prevention Clinical Trial
    • Meeting: AHA Scientific Sessions 2012
    • Session: Nursing Science in Review: Top Trials in 2010-2012
    • Track: Core 2. Epidemiology and Prevention of CV Disease: Physiology, Pharmacology and Lifestyle
  • McCann, J., Blanchard Hills, E., Zauszniewski, J., Smith, Carol E., Farran, Carol J., Wilkie, Dianna J., Creative Partnerships for Funding Nursing Research.  Western Journal of Nursing Research. 33(14), 109-13.
  • Smith, Carol E., Koehler, Julie, Moore, Janice, Blanchard, E., Ellerbeck, E., Testing Videotape Education for Heart Failure Clinical Nursing Research. May 2005; vol.14,2:pp.191-205.

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