Elizabeth Blanchard Hills

Elizabeth Blanchard Hills, BSN, MSJ
Founder and President

Blanchard Hills has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and graduated cum laude with a BSN from Research College of Nursing in August 2010. Before graduating from nursing school, Blanchard worked as both a television healthcare reporter and public speaker.  She also founded an early stage direct marketing company which created and marketed educational products for families with children diagnosed with ADHD. Based on the success of its initial test marketing using nationally placed radio commercials, the company attracted early-stage investment by an angel investor and a commercial lender; it was ultimately acquired by a direct marketing entrepreneur.

Blanchard Hills is currently piloting Dischargify at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.   Dischargify won the HCA Innovator’s Award (local division) for reducing Heart Failure readmissions by 66%, or 2/3rds.   Dischargify is also a semi-finalist in a national care transitions contest sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.   To view the video, click here: http://vimeo.com/53537259

Carol Smith

Carol E. Smith, BSN, PhD, FAAN
Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder

Dr. Smith is a scholar and faculty member at the University of Kansas Medical Center, with a nationwide reputation for producing scholarly, evidence-based research on lowering the costs of and improving outcomes for patients with chronic, debilitating illnesses.  Under Dr. Smith’s leadership,  Dischargify grew from being a series of videos tested in a small pilot study to a scientifically validated instrument embedded in a multi-year, nurse-led quality improvement initiative that improved a range of outcomes for Heart Failure patients, including fewer hospitalizations.


Shane A. Hills, PMP, CTP
Interim Vice-President, Technology

Shane A. Hills, PMP®, has served as the technology manager on more than a dozen high-profile IT projects in Fortune 1000 companies. His perspective is informed by 25+ years of consulting and management experience in environments such as Sprint, Hallmark, Southern California Gas Company, H&R Block, DST, OdysseyRe, BAE Systems and the US Department of Agriculture. Shane is also a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), a designation granted by the Turnaround Management Association and held by fewer than 500 top-tier consultants in the United States. Although the CTP is focused on corporate turnarounds, many of the same principles apply when managing complex IT programs.





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